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August 2, 2021

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PHILADELPHIA, USA - Welcome to Philadelphia, better known locally as Philly! Philly is known for many things and it’s an American food paradise. Today, we’re going on an ultimate Philadelphia food tour - we’ll be eating everything from Italian hoagies to cheese steaks to tomato pizzas - and hanging out with the amazing @JL Jupiter . Let’s start eating!

Ricci's Hoagies ( - Old Fashioned Italian - $10.50 - Ricci's Hoagies has been serving hoagies, the Philadelphia name for a sub sandwich, since 1920. One of the things that immediately stands out is how they slice your meat directly onto your sandwich. The meat never gets crusty and that makes a huge difference. One of the best deli sandwiches I’ve ever had.

Cacia's Bakery ( - Another iconic food that Philadelphia is known for is tomato pie pizzas. The tomato sauce is known as gravy, and at Cacia's Bakery the gravy is made by hand, loaded with parmesan cheese, and baked onto a pizza base. The result is refreshing and focused on the amazing tomato sauce. They also have pizzas with cheese which are also delicious.

John's Roast Pork ( - Roast pork - $10.75, Cheese Steak - $12.00 - Next JL and we went to John's Roast Pork, one of the Philly food legends, known for both roast pork sandwiches and Philly cheese steak. We got one of each. The pork sandwich was incredible, so juicy and peppery. And the cheese steak, was without a doubt one of the best cheese steaks we ate in Philadelphia (and we went on a full cheese steak tour, another video). Both absolutely sensational sandwiches in Philadelphia!

Sister Muhammad's Kitchen ( - Fish Hoagie - $10.50 - Next up on this ultimate food tour in Philadelphia we headed to Sister Muhammad's Kitchen to try their fish hoagies. They marinate the fish, batter it and deep fry it, and you’re guaranteed freshly fried fish in anything you order. We had their amazing fried fish hoagie, plus a Muslim fish hoagie which included a few extra ingredients and sauces, and finally, fried fish fried rice. Another amazing spot in Philly.

John's Water Ice ( - Lemon water ice - $2.00 - Finally to finish this food tour we stopped in South Philly for a legendary water ice. Very refreshing on a summer afternoon.

What an amazing day in Philadelphia - cool people and delicious food. And awesome to hang out with @JL Jupiter !



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