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image  1 All smiles at our official Thailand opening
April 12, 2023

All smiles at our official Thailand opening! Swipe through to see the opening excitement 🎉 1. A live dance performance featuring the Thai Hanuman monkey 🐒 2. The new Shack sparkling at night ✨ 3. A custom tuk-tuk showing Shake Shack’s journey from NYC to Bangkok ✈️ 4. The best feeling ever. 5. Our team members leading the ‘Shack Clap’! 6. Handwoven fans held by some Shack Fans 😏 7. Some Shack art and the cutest guest ever. 8. with Navin Rawanchaikul, the artist behind the original I ❤️ Taxi installation that launched our very first Shack! 9. The beginning of many beautiful Shack nights in Thailand. 🇹🇭
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