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September 30, 2022

Take a walk with along the historic streets of Quiapo in the heart of Manila as we try the most affordable and flavorful street food in the area.

From 10-Peso “pastil” to hearty bowls of sotanghon (Filipino chicken noodle soup), there’s a hot meal for everyone after a tiring day in the nation’s capital city.
Big thanks to Ms. Annabel Hatol of Bukas Quiapo Tours for being the official guide in finding authentic eats and meeting the OGs of Quiapo.

Bukas Quiapo Tours is a community-building initiative through heritage tourism co-created by San Sebastian Basilica Conservation and Development Foundation, Inc. and Fundación Santiago, Inc. For more information, email them at or or visit look them up on Facebook:

10-Peso Pastil – Quiapo Market, Manila
Nanay Rosa’s Famous Sotanghon, Waway’s Pancit and Kakanin - Hidalgo St, Quiapo, Manila
Excelente Chinese Cooked Ham - 155-157 C. Palanca Street, Quiapo, Manila

Jump to:
Intro (0:00)
10-Peso Pastil (01:15)
Nanay Rosa’s Famous Sotanghon (2:24)
Waway’s Pancit and Kakanin (3:52)
Excelente Chinese Cooked Ham (5:40)
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