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December 3, 2022

Ube or purple yam is a quintessential part of being Filipino. This popular tuber is grown in different parts of the Philippines and has made headlines and appearances in mainstream media because of its subtle earthy taste. Ube renders its iconic deep violet hues unto almost anything: from breads, pastries, and other savory dishes that remind Filipinos of home no matter where they may be in the world.

Erwan Heussaff and the FEATR team wanted to learn more about how ube is being cultivated by the Aeta farmers in Pampanga and the third generation farmers of the Bohol Ubi Growers Association (BUGA) in search of answers to the problems that the ube industry is facing. Join on this adventure as we taste the different varieties of freshly harvested ube straight from the source and listen to the stories of how it has touched the lives of households and restaurants around the globe.

Jump to:
(0:00) Intro
(1:28) Rize Up Bakery
(3:38) La Kalidad
(4:45) The Dilemma
(6:33) Traditional Ube Halaya Maker Nanay Ipang
(9:07) Where Does Ube Come From?
(9:55) Finding Real Ube
(11:15) Meeting the Aeta Farmers in Pampanga
(18:04) Ube According to History and Science
(19:50) Ube in Baguio City Markets
(21:44) Taste Test
(23:38) Conservation Practices
(30:19) What Can We Do?
(32:16) Ube in Bohol
(39:42) Jojie's Bakeshop
(41:09) Half Saints
(43:31) The Conclusion/Outro

The team would like to thank everyone who made this documentary possible:

Azikiwee Anderson, Rize Up Bakery
Angelica Nulud & Paul Faraon, La Kalidad
Melody Lorenzo, Sweet Condesa

Rose Marie Legaspi
Felipa “Nanay Ipang” Legaspi

Ige Ramos - Food Historian, Writer & Artist
Chef Jam Melchor - Founder, Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement
Cynthia G. Kiswa - Director, Northern Philippines Research and Training Center (NPRCTRTC)
Benguet State University
Dr. Carolyn Mae Daquio - Former Regional Director & Training Center Superintendent, Agricultural Training Institute ATI-7
Gracia F. Arado - OIC Training Center Superintendent, Agricultural Training Institute ATI-7

Aiza Lansang - Aeta Ube Farmer

Esmeraldo Maligsa - President, Bohol Ubi Growers Association (BUGA)
Celencio Maligsa - Vice President, Bohol Ubi Growers Association (BUGA)

Ella Adano - Jojie’s Bakeshop

Chef Joanna Arciaga - Half Saints

Chad Santo Tomas - Producer

EJ De Guzman - PM/Researcher
Chester Impang - Director of Photography
Mon Peter De Pedro - Camera Operator
Riche Ceasar Balijon - Camera Operator
Jesse Alfie Estaca - Camera Operator, Drone Operation
Christian Paul Naparota - Gaffer

Special thanks to:
Northern Philippines Research and Training Center (NPRCTRTC)
Benguet State University
Rose Anne Mananghaya-Aya of DOST-PCAARRD
Operation Share-A-Blessing - Chef Christopher Gomez, Cheme Gomez
Original Musical Score: Leo Saballe
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The Fat Kid Inside Studios

Erwan Heussaff - Founder
Kashka Gaddi - Content Producer
Eamonn Quizon - Cinematographer
Edel Cayetano - Story Producer
Harold Singzon - Story Producer
Kleo Balares - Editorial Producer
Julius Rivera - Videographer
Steven Sune - Editor
Lorraine Santos - Editor
Dana Blaze - Editor
Ivan Christian Cocjin - Editor
Martin Narisma - Food Editor
Kathryna de Bustos - Content Manager
Chester Velasco - Production Assistant
Kevin Amponin - Production Assistant
Dustin Dagamac - Colorist
Sofia Paderes - Graphic Designer
Kim Manuel - Graphic Designer
Roanne Salvacion - Accountant
Donalyn Aranda - Accounting Assistant
Mary Lournette Baligod
Patricia Beatrice Te Seng
Hans Rivera
Mary Zarrahmaiden Cabrera
Alyssa Gwyneth King
Christine Crisostomo

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