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image  1 Hard Kombucha
April 12, 2021

Hard kombuchas are super trendy, but is the buzzy #beverage actually good for you? Here's how it stacks up #nutritionally.

#hardkombucha is made just like the regular stuff.

A sugar-saturated tea (usually green) is fermented with a disgusting glob of yeast and bacteria, creating #alcohol.

The source of #sugar can vary from #canesugar to fruit to juice, and the strain of yeast is also subject to the #brewer's discretion.

Hard kombuchas have become the adult beverage of choice among health-conscious drinkers.

Touted as all #natural and rich with #probiotics, hard #kombuchas are thought to be a gut-friendly alternative to more mainstream alcoholic #beverages like #beer, #wine, and #hardseltzer.

You’re probably familiar with #kombucha, the fermented drink that’s made from #tea (typically green or black), sugar, and an active culture consisting of bacteria and yeast.

The fermentation process that yields regular #kombucha naturally produces some alcohol, but not enough for you to feel buzzed after drinking it.

Hard kombuchas differ from the “virgin” varieties in their proportions of tea, sugar, and starter culture. They’re also fermented for a longer period of time. The result? More sugar gets converted to alcohol, so the alcohol by volume, or ABV, content rises.

One of the primary draws of regular kombucha is its probiotics. The #drink contains strains of beneficial bacteria that are said to promote gut #health and support #digestion.